Sunday, October 10, 2010

Design Themes For Your Facebook Profile :

For Mozilla & Google Chrome Users : To use Design Themes in your FACEBOOK profile 'follow these steps  :

1. Go to Tools Menu in your Mozilla Browser & click on Addons option.

2. Now search "Stylish" in search box & download it.

3. Now search "Boost for Facebook" in search box & download it..

4. Now Restart Firefox.

4. Now go to ( some time its automatically opened when u restart the browser ) & type 'Facebook' in search box.

5. So here you can see lots of themes, you can choose what u want.To select themes just click on your favourite themes,then click on "Install with stylish".

6. Now Visit & login into your account to see changes.

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For Google chrome users : visit these link & search "Stylist".
Now download these extension & follow the steps from step no.4 . if you feel any problem tell me.

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Type Your Chat Messages in Bold in facebook :

Many People in Facebook thinks how can they use Bold Letters in their Messages or Chat.
So here i m telling you , How can u send your chats n Messages in Bold & Underlined Letters.

For write Bold Letters :  To write bold letters type your message between two stars.
                                         Example : *your message*

For Underline Letters :  To write underlined letters type your message between two underscores.
                                        Example : _your message_
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Thursday, October 7, 2010

View Websites without Signing Up

Are you get tired to register in each websites to see it. If you are frustrating to sign up with every websites, then there is a solution for you . Bug Me Not gives you disposable logins for almost all the popular and famous websites out there which forces you to register.And either You don’t need to register in Bug Me Not. You can find and share logons for websites that force you to register. You can also submit a login, if interested. Bug Me Not will bypass compulsory registration and sign up.
Enjoy n Cheer ...
Interface of Bug me

Sometimes the websites thrown up by Google Search results cannot be viewed unless you are a member in that website. Of course, you have to register to become a member, which is quite annoying and frustrating for some users. You can beat this problem by visiting the Google Cache copy of that website. Click the Cached link to do this trick. If this trick fails, you can use Be The Bot site which will fool the site by making it think that Google Crawling Bot is accessing it.
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Make Your pdf files to speak :

Here R the Shortcuts for Hearing pdf files in Adobe Reader 6.0 or Higher...
To know how to hear your files ;
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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fun with Google


Hey u wanna see a Mazik..with our Favourite Search Engine...? ? ? Yea offcourse its Google....

Search in Google with "google gravity" or "google sphere"  and open the first result.its funny.......rEaLlY.......
Search and have fun:


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