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Sat shriakal
Yaaron k yaar hain hum.. aur dushmanon k dushman... de danaa dann..!! does that soUnD serious??? heyyyy... i don't mean it literally.. usually i don't like violence.. that jst portrays mah attitude well.. i don't like restrictions, n interference of ppl in my life.. like to live my life in my own special ways.. a guy wid self-laiden rules n principles governing his liFe.. n ppl trying to mess it up better staY OuT...! high believer n follower of 'LIVE N LET LIVE' only ppl who know me well admire n like me.. rest r simply 'ohh so jealous..!' to speak well of me sufferring frm inferiority complex i'm generally fRieNdly,Introvrt unselfish, humorous, ambitious, straightforward, moody, n short-tempered..,litelbit shy wid girls... slight conservative n i do respect good morals cool n sweet unless u bug me unnecessarily,, with initial attitude of 'LET GO' of things n gradually turning to 'LET GO' of ppl themselves... yesssss.......! I don't giv a daMn caRe. . . loves my near n dear ones but dont like to show.. gets hurt easily by liers n betrayals.. WorDs precious 2 me r:  WORK  LOYALTY  HONESTY  JUSTICE RESPECT  SUCCESS Catch me : http://www.orkut.co.in/Main#Profile?uid=13556035989309583255, http://www.orkut.co.in/Main#Profile?uid=13556035989309583255& http://webytricks.blogspot.com/p/my-mentor.html

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